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Town to host Community Clean-Up June 3-14, 2024

LINGLE – The Town of Lingle will host a community clean-up event on June 3-14, 2024, in cooperation with TDS. Residents can place large items, such as furniture, mattresses, and wood in the alley for town employees to dispose of.

According to the agreement with TDS, TDS does not allow for the disposal of hazardous materials, asbestos, batteries, cable or wire, wire fencing, tires, metal, scrap iron, steel, dirt, rocks, sod, refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, animals or body parts, liquids (including paint), e-waste, computers, monitors, keyboards, CPUs, televisions, concrete, or concrete products.

Please call Logan at (308) 530-8604 with any questions pertaining to the community clean-up.