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The Lingle Volunteer Fire Department has the honor of serving the Town of Lingle and the surrounding area with both fire and basic EMS services.  The department accomplished this through the use of five (5) fire apparatus, one command unit, and one ambulance operated by twenty four volunteer fire fighters.

History:  Although no records could be found, it is told in old stories that the Lingle Fire Department started in 1920 when a building in town caught fire and burned to the ground.  The following was found in the town records: On April 15, 1920 it was decided to hold a dance for the purpose of raising funds to buy a fire truck.  The department’s fire truck was stored at Lingle Motor and Tractor Company at a cost of five dollars a month.

In early 1924 it was brought up that a fire chief should be appointed, which was taken up with the town council.  On September 2, 1924 a motion was made to appoint A.D. McMilliam as the departments, first on record Fire Chief.  He was replaced in January 1925 by G.N. Sixberry for a year term.

In January 1925 the Town of Lingle decided to purchase a hose cart to hold the town’s water hose.  It is believed this is the hose cart that still hangs in the current Fire Hall.  In April 1926 it was approved by the Town Council to purchase a truck from the Lingle Motor and Tractor for the price of $75.

April 1930, Mayor Freimuth got an estimate to build a 36’x26′ brick building and the estimate was approved, so the Fire Hall, Town Hall and Police Station Building which still sits on the corner of West 3rd Street and Freimuth Avenue and it was completed in May 1930.

In 1938 the Fire Department purchased its first truck capable of pumping water.  The 1938 Ford Pumper was purchased and is still in the Fire Department’s possession, and is used as a backup convention truck.

On October 2, 1985 in order to receive grants to build the current Fire Hall and needed equipment, the Lingle Town-Rural Fire Joint Power Board was formed.